Buy A Square Auction – Just Push Play Line Up Signed Guitar !


So thanks to the incredible line up we have for this years show we have this amazing item for the Just Push Play Festival Auction!!!

So the absolute legends The Howling Tides have very generously donated this beautiful Squier Strat Guitar !

Now that’s not the only piece of the prize, every single band has agreed to sign this guitar so it will be signed by all members of Gallows Circus, The Mike Ross Band, Just A Ride, The Karma Effect, These Wicked Rivers, Empyre, Skam, Massive, The Howling Tides and of course Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons !

I can’t thank all the bands involved in this enough (especially The Howling Tides!) as this is a truly one off unique incredible item I’m sure you’ll all agree !

To be within a chance to win this fantastic prize just buy your squares !

This ‘Buy A Square Auction’ has a grid of 100 squares and each square costs just £10 you can buy as many squares as you wish, one of the squares will contain this fantastic prize !

All money from the ‘Buy A Square Auction’ will go straight to St Nicholas Hospice as part of our fundraising efforts!

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