Buy A Square Auction – It’s A String Thing: Those Damn Crows Bracelet


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The very good people of It’s A String Thing have generously donated a custom bracelet using Those Damn Crows Guitar Strings !

Their beautiful bracelets and other jewellery using guitar strings are simply stunning! They have generously donated their time to make a customised bracelet to your design using strings from Lloyd Wood (Bass) and David Winchurch (Guitar) from Those Damn Crows !!!

To be within a chance to win this fantastic prize just buy your squares !

Each item on the ‘Buy A Square Auction’ has a grid of 100 squares and each square costs just £5 you can buy as many squares as you wish, one of the squares will contain this fantastic prize !

All money from the ‘Buy A Square Auction’ will go straight to St Nicholas Hospice as part of our fundraising efforts!

The winner will be revealed no later than Saturday 8th August !